Sunday, April 28, 2013

Choosing A Sponsor-able Name for Your Fashion Blog

You all know how important is to have a memorable blog name that both rolls off the tongue and stands out on the crowded web. A lot of you have done a great job. But here are a couple things to keep in mind if you’re considering a name change or are starting up a new fashion blog.

What I want to focus on in this post is the importance of choosing a blog name that’s “sponsor-able” for brand managers at the major fashion brands and retailers. When it comes to sponsorship, one of the biggest concerns for brand managers is brand safety. The name is the most important identity for your blog. Some names have shock value, but they might have negative implications or associations, which will give a brand manager pause.

Don’t be scared by the term “brand-safe” though. Common sense helps a lot here:
  • Avoid offensive or erotic words, e.g. don’t combine “fashion” or “style” with illegal drugs…etc 
  • Don’t use a brand name, be it in the fashion space or not, in your blog name. For obvious reason, Gap might not prefer a blog called AFGirl. Moreover, different brands promote different value, even if there is no competition between two brands, they don’t necessarily want to appear together 
  • Don’t use political, racial, or sexual words. Anything you wouldn't want to talk with a new co-worker about over lunch, you should leave off the list.
Of course, if you have some brands in mind that you hope to get sponsorship from, spend some time learning about their values and corporate culture. That could give you some hints as to terms that would resonate well. You’re on a new venture, it’s worth all the efforts you put in to choose a good name. Don’t let your blog name get in the way of your potential sponsors, before they even have a chance to look through your wonderful content.

Helpful resources when coming up with a blog name:


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